Sporadic Update

Hey! What’s up?

On April 7/8 I went to Hong Kong for my last visa run. I’ll post those picture up here soon.

In other news:
My weekend (this past Monday and Tuesday) was stellar. I had a great work out on Monday, had delicious cupcakes, went to yoga with my friends (my friend Steve’s fiancee runs an English yoga every Monday night) and got a hair cut!

On Tuesday I had lunch with Justin and our now former Korean students that we’ve both tutored, went to the Tianjin Zoo with Justin and Lily (every time I see animals in China it’s with those two…), and got massages and dinner.

Absolutely fabulous couple of days.

Additionally, I will be going to Shanghai April 25/26 for Justin’s bachelor party, and then the following week I’ll be going to Wuhan for his wedding on Wednesday and Thursday.

I threw a football around today with Matt and Justin, it felt great.

And I am definitely, 100%, undoubtedly coming back to the U.S. in early June. I have to since my visa expires on June 7th. And because I want to.

A few weeks ago, my shoulder started hurting again (it was bothering me last summer). I had met a guy at the gym a few months ago who is studying in Australia but is from Tianjin, and lived in the U.S. His English is good, and he’s a Washington Redskins fan (he played football in the U.S.!). I mentioned it to him and he told me to talk to his friend who is a trainer at another gym. So I called, not expecting much to happen.

He invited me to their gym, massaged my shoulder, and smacked it with his hand a bunch. After all was said and done, there was a tiny little dot on my shoulder. He told me that was where the bad blood had come to the surface that had been trapped in my muscle fibers. Eastern meets Western medicine I guess… Since then my shoulder hasn’t hurt so something must have worked!

He also took me on a tour. Their gym is in the same building that has the diving and swimming pools that were used in the Olympics in 2008 (some of the lesser and qualifying events). It was a pretty incredible gym. And at twice the cost of my gym for a year (pool access was extra), it was pretty swanky and clean.

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How Bad Is It?

A lot of people will ask me, “how bad is the pollution really? It can’t be that bad!”

I assure you, it is that bad.

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Fabulously Friendly Filipinos V

This will be my last post about the great people I met in the Philippines. I realize I went there a month ago. And I’m still dragging this on…

After Ronald dropped me off at the airport and I waited an extra two hours for our plane to arrive, we finally made it back to Manila.

I made the mistake of getting a “Fixed Rate Coupon Taxi”, or a white taxi, at the airport. I paid ~500 PHP to get to the park I was going to. The other three taxi rides I took getting around Manila didn’t even total 500 PHP. So when you go to the Manila airport, DON’T take the white taxi, unless you’re going somewhere really far away. For anything in town you will be fine just taking a regular taxi.

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Fabulously Friendly Filipinos IV

This one is about the three lovelies that ran the Coron Backpacker Guesthouse.


Ronald, Ann, myself, Sol

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Fabulously Friendly Filipinos III

I met many foreigners while I was in Coron Town. I talked with a British lady who teaches in Hong Kong for quite a while. We met in the hostel while I was reading (this was Saturday during the typhoon), and had a nice conversation about books. It felt like it had been forever since I had an intelligent conversation.

Later on that day (I think I mentioned this) we bumped into each other at the hot spring and chatted and had dinner. Although it seems to be a somewhat common occurrence, I didn’t meet many other people who were traveling alone (and could speak English). So although Elisa was only in Coron for two of the days I was there it was nice having someone in my situation to talk with.

I believe Sunday night was her last night, so a few of us went to the expat bar, No Name.


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